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Islamic Art [13]: Pasti

Ready to Fight? Dan Pasti Allah akan memberi yang terbaik Karena itu Tak sepantasnya kita berbuat yang tak pantas

Letter From Alaska

--Dicopy dari tulisan temenku Muhammad Arief Purnomo, di Alaska -- I did a presentation in technology class that wasn't big problem but it was challenged me. I needed three days to think about my presentation topic for thisclass. Finally, I was presented the Indonesian technology communication system. When I came to the United States, I was confused about calling using a phone here. One of the reasons was the different communication system. All the students were interested to listen my presentation because the things I explained were new things for them. Before I did my presentation, I explained my exchange student program. I said, “ One background of Youth Exchange and Study is the tragedy of 9/11. From that tragedy, we know the relationship between United States and Islam countries became worse. There are so many wars-like Palestine, Iraq, Iran war. The vision of my program is to show Americans that Islamic people aren't terrorists and Muslimpeople are kind and peace